2012 Submissions

Sweet Nightmares Ambient Loop

2011 Submissions

Martial Law Dubstep Song
Needs More Cowbell (dubstep) Dubstep Song
Crawling Eye Dubstep Song
Floor Essence House Song
First Thing's First House Song
Dying Loneliness Ambient Song
Above the Rain House Song
Black Beam House Song
Lessons In Raving (Remix) Trance Song
Ambient WIP (joethesouleater) Ambient Loop
Leap Toad (RD 2011) Techno Song
Conamara Chaos Trance Song
Toccata and Fugue in D(ance) Dance Song
Dance Inspector Gadget Dance Song
Water in the Sky Dance Song
Paint it Black (Trance) Trance Song
Mad World (trance) Trance Song
Before You Live (demo) Trance Song
Over the Shore Ambient Song
Graying Light (V2) Ambient Song
(Joethesouleater) Gamma Waves Ambient Song
Desert Sky General Rock Song
Conamara Chaos (Demo) Techno Song
2 Hours Techno Song
Liquicity Techno Song
Heavy Eyes and Hopeful Hearts Classical Song
A Day of Night Classical Song
Under the Rising Sun Classical Song
Winter Orchid Trance Song
Graying Light Ambient Song
Stargazing Snow Dance Loop
Crushing Blue General Rock Song
Shaved Legs Heavy Metal Song
West of the Border Heavy Metal Song
Megaman 3 Theme (8-Bit) Video Game Song
Alone to Die Heavy Metal Song
Echoing Dreams General Rock Song
Zelda (dance) Video Game Song
Bob's Box Heavy Metal Song
Pandora's Casket General Rock Song
Chaos Generator General Rock Song
Blood Bath and Beyond Heavy Metal Song
The Darkest Day General Rock Song
Screaming Monkey General Rock Song
Daisies and Blood Miscellaneous Song
Knïght-fall General Rock Song
Joxtopoly General Rock Song
Awesome Oposum General Rock Song
Robot Hunter General Rock Song
The Death of a King Heavy Metal Song
Toy of God Heavy Metal Song
The Metal Pirate Heavy Metal Song
Winter Spring General Rock Song
Suriv Alobe General Rock Song
F is Pretty General Rock Song
The Fröst General Rock Song
Psyopsy General Rock Song
Found in White Heavy Metal Song
Dance Pie Dance Song
Lost in Black General Rock Song
Sawyer Armoff Heavy Metal Song
The Eletist General Rock Song
The Red Tide General Rock Song
An Endless Illusion Trance Song
Frankendance Dance Song
The Trainwreck Heavy Metal Song