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I like the composition in the song but in my opinion you need fuller sounds and it needs to be mixed better. The high end synth cuts in too much and is too loud in the mix. The sweeps and transitions are good though. I like your drum samples as well. Only suggestion is better sound engineering on most synths and better mixing, overall pretty good.


I love what you did with it, it sounds sick. I think you might just win the contest with this one haha, good luck with the contest by the way. This is a great track either way.

TIMarbury responds:

haha idk about winning, the other entries are pretty good. yours has a good shot i think. thanks for the review :)

I like it =]

I really like the synth leads and the bass-line but somethings seems missing about them, what plugin do you use to create the synth lines? Also in my opinion it would sound much better if you put some more hi-hats in at some points, the song sounds like its building up the whole time and there isn't really a relief spot. Other than that I thought it was really good, you have a lot of potential, keep up the good work here's an 8/10 and a 5/5 =]

ravenline responds:

Ahhh, I think the lead was Silver Saw (i didnt mess with the settings either really) And I agree, it did feel like it was building up alot XD
Thanks for the feedback :3

Has potential

but it feels incomplete somehow. My suggestions would be to give more bass and some good drum loops and kick, you could expand the melody and make it longer but for what you have i quite like it. Its a start but it could be something better.

TheMagicCape1 responds:

I agree. As my second song, I was unsure of its length and made it short...so far, all of the songs on my page are about a year old and are from when I first began using audio editing programs. I hope, as I gain experience, that I will be able to make longer and more developed songs. Thanks!


I like the diversity in instruments and the feel of the song, it seems like it should be part of a movie score. Whatever program you used sounds really good. But at 2:29 i think you should have a little reverb or have the instruments fade out, its really abrupt and unnatural sounding. Overall really well done, keep up the good work.

FunnyCop responds:

At 2:29 I did try to fade the trumpet out before having the cello enter, it sounded a lot better while I was in the process of making the piece. Thanks for the review ^^

really good

I really liked it, I think maybe it could have had a bit more bass or lower notes but thats just me. It was well structured and I enjoyed both the melody and the rhythm. good job and good luck in the contest.

Lalalo14 responds:

I mixed it with my headset on so maybe thats why there is a lack of bass.
Haven't listen to it on speakers yet :P

Thank you very much!

Really good

I loved all the sounds you used to make this, they all have a distinct sound to them and they don't really blend into one sound, it sounds like they are all far apart, the panning was great and the emotional aspect to the song was really well done too, this is really good. Good luck in the competition as well.


sounds good, i really like the panning but i constantly feel like a kick should come in at some point but still i really like the space of the song its really nice. good job and good luck in the contest.

TIMarbury responds:

thanks a lot for the review. I wanted to put the kick in as well but idk. it just didn't fit for w.e reason. i'll try and go back to see where i can put more drums.

edit: added the slow drums after the lead breakdown. think it is a bit better.

good for first submission

but i think it needs to have more instruments, or at least a larger distance between instruments. There isn't a lot of lower notes so it doesn't sound full. And when there are more than one notes playing they don't sound like they are in the right key, (I don't know if thats on purpose or not) but for a first submission it's pretty good. Keep workin on it.

Review for review

This is really cool, I felt as if i were on top of a skyscraper looking down at the world and just thinking. I love when music makes me feel like im somewhere else and this did it, especially with headphones on. Nice work. 5/5

Fubaka responds:

Thanks a lot! I always look for new reviews on my stuff. I'm glad this song sparked your imagination!

I write music and play guitar, recently I have been making more dance and trance songs, I believe I'm getting better at it, so check out my songs if you have the chance, it's going to be mostly electronic for a while, at least until I get a band ready.

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